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Our goal is to aid your business in locating irregularities and malpractices in the work place, to provide solutions and remedy such incidents in a fashion, which would rather enhance your business than discredit it. Pro-active services are the ideal for all situations. We strive to excel in such matters.
We are also 100% B.E.E compliant.
Operational staffs include administrative personnel, undercover agents, investigators, technicians and security officers. Several different disciplines can be professionally executed, ensuring your desired outcome.
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Our Services

Our speciality is Security & Armed response.

The following expert services can be provided to our clients:

Our Control Room Senior is available at the ST3 Security control room on Cell no. 072 553 1722, on a 24 hour basis.

Please feel free to consult with him at any time.

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Security Services
Business and financial management
Technical & Installation field
Personnel orientated concerns
Human resources management
Security Training

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